Thursday, October 23, 2008

My last night in St Nic

So tonight is my last night in St Nic. Iv had such a good time but i am really tired, we've been working straight and learning so many things. Also its been a little hard trying to keep up with the French. Im pretty happy about how much ive learned, i could use another week on the bilig but i definitely have a very solid start, with a bit more practice ill be fine.

Im really with the right people for this experience, you have humor, understanding, calm and a little insanity. Lucille has helped me so much with the French and so has Bernadette, anytime i needed something translated it was never a problem even though i know its tiring for everyone. I feel like ive gotten not only a lesson in making crepes but ive gotten a little French lesson as well, ive really learned a lot in a short time.

Tomorrow Armele, i just learned its with an "r", is going to take Lucille and I back to Quimper so i can catch my train and she can go on with her traveling. This is really helpful since there are only two buses to Quimper on Friday, one very early and one too late for me to catch my train. Not to mention the 50E cab ride it would cost me.

So tomorrow im off to Paris to meet up with Natalie and do lord knows what, im so excited to see her and to explore Paris. Apparently there is a street close to the train station and its all people making crepes at their stands, I have to check it out and see how mine measure up.

okay, thats all for now.
Im going to get some more pics up over the next few days.


Maya said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Jessica said that crepes are not allowed unless the crab ball comes back. Jut kidding. Say hello to Pepe Le Pew if you see him. Love cousin jonathan

apeek said...


It was fortuitous meeting you in the Bowery last week whilst hunting for the elusive Krampouz. I'd be most interested in talking shop with you further.


danny80 said...

Hi there Lauren,
i have read most of your blog, and am very intrested in talking with you about the course as i am considering taking a part in it.
i would love it if you would contact me via email:
many thanks,
Danny, from Israel